Do you have customers requesting plant-based and vegan options? Have you thought about this but not sure where to start? Do you want to include incredibly flavorful and healthy plant-based and vegan foods on your menu?

It might be intimidating or seem boring at first, yet vegan cooking opens up a world of wonders if approached with the right amount of imagination. Traditional dishes can be easily modified with a couple of vegan swaps and new flavors and tastes can be discovered by applying classic cooking methods to simple vegetables. Chefs of all styles of cuisine can get creative with plants and leave their customers in awe.

Chef Joya works with restaurants and food service establishments in creating vegan menu options and will help you understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of creating vegan menu options that will satisfy all customers.

Restaurant owners, chefs, businesses, and more have a lot to gain in adding vegan options to their menu: it is cost-effective, healthy, creative, and it can bring in a whole new crowd to your business as vegans & vegan-curious people are looking for places to eat.

Work with Chef Joya to:

  • Veganize your menu
  • Add healthier options to your menu
  • Add plant-based options to your menu
  • Setup chef training and follow-ups
  • Develop team training tools

For a customized quote and initial consultation, please email [email protected]