Welcome to Chef Joya’s extraordinary family style dining experience, where we believe that coming together over a shared feast is an artful celebration. We embrace the belief that food not only nourishes our bodies but also fosters connections and unites us in a profound way.

This service involves using your own large dinner platters or bowls to present food, then placing them in the center of the table, and encouraging everyone to share and interact.

Imagine the joy of enjoying an exquisite plated meal, handcrafted with love and attention to detail, while partaking in the heartwarming tradition of communal dining. Our skilled team of chefs and servers will ensure that your every need is met, facilitating a seamless flow of culinary delights and cherished moments.

Select one delectable option from each course to craft a unique culinary journey for your guests. As you pass around the platters and bowls, laughter and conversations will fill the air, creating a memorable experience where food becomes a conduit for deeper connections.

In this royal atmosphere, relish the flavors, aromas, and textures that adorn your table, all while reveling in the pleasure of each other’s company. Let us weave the magic of togetherness as we celebrate life, love, and the joy of sharing food with the ones you hold dear.

*All attended services have an 15%
service fee to cover service staff. Gratuity is additional.
Course 1

Bruschetta & Boursin Crostini Spinach artichoke Dip
Tuscan Stuffed Mushrooms Vegan Crawfish Dip ^
Meatballs and Ricotta
Cheez Plate & Grapes ^

Course 2

Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Salad Chikn Caeser Salad
I -Love Olive- Garden Salad
Wedge Salad
Marinated Kale & Berry Salad

Course 3

*Choose an entré and 2 sides*

Lasagna Bolognese | Garlic Bread | One additional side

Cajun Oyster mushrooms

Krab Cakes

Cajun Chikn Pasta

Southern Shrymp & Grits | Maple Collards | One additional side


Side Options

Truffle Whipped Mashed Potatoes

Herb Rice Pilaf

Baked Mac & Cheez

Candied Yams

Sesame Green Beans

Maple Collard Greens

Creamed Spinach

Squash Medley Sautee

Sautéed Kale


Garlic Bread

Sweet Potato Biscuit

Yeast Rolls

Jalapeno Cornbread


Biscoff Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Sticky Chocolate Cake Pots with salted pistachio

Lemon Cheezcake mousse with Poached Peaches


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