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We had SO much fun Cooking With Joya! Hubby was surprised and enjoyed everything Joya had planned for us tonight and the food was AMAZING!!! I could not believe everything was vegan. Thanks again Joya!

Shamika Cole

I had the most amazing and eye-opening time at your tasting event! As a transitioning meat eater to vegan who has come very close to staying on the vegan wagon only to fall off at the smells from a BBQ. I can say with confidence after sampling the many different items you showcased I know I can stay on track. Everything that was presented was appealing to the eye and the flavors were off the charts! I initially was going to take photos but after the first bite that went out the window! Thank you!
A new superfan

Renee Wright

Joya! What a delightful experience she made my surprise birthday dinner party! The food was absolutely wonderful and seasoned so well. I highly recommend her fish dishes as they were excellent. The combinations of flavors were executed well and clearly very thoughtful.
Cannot believe that this meal surpassed the dishes you made for the holidays because those were great too. We’ll be seeing you again soon! Cheers!

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I love Cooking with Joya! It’s phenomenal to be able to cook with her live remotely and reciprocate her delicious vegan meals. I’m transitioning to vegan and her recipes do not taste like I’m missing any flavor with a twist of Joya. I have learned healthier lifestyle choices and seasonings Cooking with Joya. I highly recommend each and everyone to cook with Joya and order meals.

Shalanda Jenkins

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